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6 trendy restaurants in Seoul

What are the trendy restaurants in Seoul? Here are our 6 gourmet and refined addresses, with designer and chic decor, to complete your trip to South Korea.

6 Trendy Restaurants in Seoul: Dining in Space

At Dining in Space, one star in the Michelin Guide, you can taste the excellent French and modern cuisine of chef Jinsung Noh. It's the view that sets Dining in Space apart from other restaurants: On the 5th and top floor, its large glass windows overlook Seoul's scenic Jongno-gu district and offer a unique view of Changdeokgung Palace. A calm and serene place, where you can taste refined dishes such as Iberian pork steak, pan-fried scallops or cabbage stuffed with meat. The menu changes regularly, depending on seasonal products and the mood of the chef. One of the best trendy restaurants in Seoul.
> Address: 83, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu | Arario Museum, Seoul 03058, South Korea

Trendy Restaurants in Seoul: La Yeon

With three stars in the Seoul Michelin Guide, La Yeon is one of the restaurants not to be missed when in the capital. In this gastronomic restaurant, we discover traditional Korean cuisine, revisited. The bibimpap are in the spotlight, as is the excellent red snapper, steamed with a red chilli sauce, or the eels grilled over charcoal and gochujang sauce. Located on the 23rd floor of the Shilla Seoul Hotel, La Yeon also offers panoramic city views.
> Address: 249 Dongho-ro, Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Trendy restaurants in Seoul: Zero Complex

Zero Complex is one of the trendy restaurants in Seoul that you shouldn't miss. In the heart of the “Petite France” district, this neo-bistro stands out with its modern and minimalist setting: metal tables, bistro chairs and visible pipes. Here, the focus is more on the dishes than on the decor. The controls ? Chef Choog-hoo Lee who cut his teeth at Le Dauphin restaurant in Paris. The menu changes regularly according to local and seasonal products, and you can taste chanterelle mushrooms with sea urchins, endives with caramel mousse, cuttlefish ravioli with herbs...To be paired with superb natural wines (Beaujolais de Ham, Burgundy de Derain…) Reservations are highly recommended.
> Address: 113, Donggwang-ro, Seocho-gu, Place One Building 2F, Seoul 06584, South Korea.

Trendy restaurants in Seoul: Toc Toc

When you push the door of Toc Toc, you find yourself in one of the trendiest restaurants in Seoul, if not all of South Korea. In the kitchen, chef Dan Kim concocts à la carte dishes for you, according to his mood and the products arriving. The opportunity to taste the wonderful smoked sturgeon served with caviar and truffle pasta. If you wish, Dan Kim can offer you his eight-course tasting menu, the “Tocnomy” so that you can discover his wide range.
> Address: 33 Dosan-daero 51-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Trendy restaurants in Seoul: Jungsik

If you are looking for a restaurant with Korean and Mediterranean influences, you have come to the right place. At Jungksik, Chef Yim offers an eclectic and modern menu. In a designer setting, with subdued lighting, you can enjoy a crispy octopus served with gochujang aioli or even a sea urchin bibimbap served with seaweed purée and crispy quinoa.
> Address: 11 Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Trendy restaurants in Seoul: Mingles

Mingles is one of the hottest restaurants in Seoul right now. Chef Mingoo Kang, Korea's most coveted chef, has served there since 2014 and delights our taste buds. Here, we discover traditional Korean cuisine, but also international. The opportunity to taste foie gras wrapped in white kimchi and fermented pasta. We advise you to reserve a table in advance, as this is one of the most popular places in Seoul.
> Address: 757 Seolleung-ro, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Amazing things to see in Seoul

1. The great palaces of Seoul

Korea has been ruled for many years by the former Joseon dynasty . And although it is no longer governed by them, they left their indelible mark on the city with the construction of 5 large palaces , as well as several gates and buildings worth seeing. I would highlight the following (be careful not to mess with the names, these Koreans bring it to them) 😀 :

  • Gyeongbokgung , the largest palace to see in Seoul and also the most visited . It is located at the end of the great Sejong Daero avenue and is undoubtedly wonderful. When you get to the great Gwanghwamun gate  you will understand why it is so awe -inspiring . Inside you will find a fantastic promenade, with the houses where the emperor and his consort lived, and some temples surrounded by spectacular gardens. It is huge and has many corners where you can sit and contemplate it calmly, with large mountains around it, where if you look closely you will discover the " Great Korean Wall " that surrounds part of the city.

  • Changdeokgung  is the other essential palace to see in Seoul . If I tell you that it is a charming place, that it has large buildings where you can see a large throne room where the emperor received his subjects and that you can visit his imperial gardens, have I convinced you? If it isn't already, wait until you hear that it's a World Heritage Site since 1997 and one of Seoul's great treasures . In addition, near it you can also visit the highly recommended Jongmyo Shinto shrine  . The palace also features the Huwon Secret Gardens . These gardens are spectacular and allow you to immerse yourself in the daily life of the ancient Korean kings, seeing the different pavilions where they read or spent time.

  • Deoksugung  is the last of the palaces we recommend to visit in Seoul, and not only for its pavilions and gardens, but also for its changing of the guard. The changing of the palace guard is undoubtedly  one of the most recommended things to do in Seoul . It is a show that combines tradition with today's modernity. In addition to seeing the guards, hearing their imposing drum and trumpets, you will be able to experience it. Live it you say? Yes, and it is that, for some time, two lucky ones have the option of reserving a place to be one of the guards that participate in the change. To do so, you just have to register and get ready to be dressed and be the target of several dozen tourists with their cameras. If you don't dare so much,Next door there is usually a stall where they let you dress for 5 minutes in the traditional guard outfit . In addition, during the changing of the guard, you will also be able to take photos with them at times. Near the palace is the Seoul square and the city hall building or the Metropolitan Library.

  • The other palaces are called  Changgyeonggung and Gyeonghuigung . If you are lucky enough to be in Seoul for a longer time I would visit them, but if not I would save them for another time. I think that the two main ones are enough to understand the city and its past, and they are the most beautiful and spectacular.

  • 2. Seoul Tower

    The N Seoul Tower , its name in English and the one you will see everywhere, is the highest point in the city at 236.7 meters high and from which you will get the best views. It is located at the top of Mount Namsan and you can reach its base in two ways, by cable car, or on foot. I took the cable car because I have always been fascinated by these things suspended at such a height, but if you are not tired and you feel strong, arm yourself with courage and take the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the park while you walk up.

    When you get to the top, you will see the entrance to the Seoul Tower , and you will also realize that they try to monetize it as much as possible, with restaurants at the top of the tower, tickets that are much more expensive than the average in the city... come on, who knows that It is one of the most visited sites and they take advantage of it. If you have time, and you are one of those who when in doubt say “since I am here…”, climb all the way up and you will see why this tower is so well known. If you go a little short of time, don't worry, with going up to the base you have already fulfilled and you have reached one of the most important places in Seoul. The views will blow your mind either way 😉 .

  • 3. Traditional markets of Seoul

    Does that sound like “ Made in Korea ”? Well yes, if it sounds familiar to you, it's because you've seen it in so many items of clothing. The reason is none other than  Korea has always been one of the places where the most clothes have been manufactured and designed in the world. It is true that today there are many places where clothes are made, but that does not mean that Korea ceases to be proud of what has been one of its economic pillars. Therefore, in the city you can find the Namdaemun Market full of clothing stalls everywhere, and where you can buy fun things for little money.

    Right next to this market you will find the Namdaemun Gate , considered by Koreans the number 1 treasure of their monuments. If you're around, it's well worth checking out. Another of Seoul's important markets is Dongdaemun Market . This market is one of the largest in South Korea and you can find almost anything from Korean clothes.

  • 4. Downtown Seoul, Myeong-dong

    The nerve center of Seoul  is one of the liveliest areas of the Korean capital. Here you can find stores with western brands and one of the central tourist offices of Seoul . There they will take great care of you if at least if you speak English (I'm assuming you're not that good at Korean, right? 😀 ). This street can be considered as the typical shopping area and where you can find many options for lunch and dinner. From the typical restaurants that you have to try yes or yes (my mouth is watering when I think of a Korean barbecue), or more western food in case you miss it and don't want more kimchi on the side.

  • 5. Bukchon Korean Traditional House Neighborhood

    When you travel to South Korea you realize how advanced their society is, and that is why you will not stop seeing modern buildings or skyscrapers mixed with some traditional palaces and houses. However, this process of change appears to have been interrupted in the traditional Hanok neighborhood of Bukchon . If you want to see what traditional Korean architecture was like and take a nice walk in one of the most typical neighborhoods in Seoul, don't forget to visit Bukchon.