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Discovering the most beautiful beaches in Colombia

Colombia is full of islands and beaches to visit: Isla Grande, Isla Múcura, Isla San Andres, Tayrona National Park... and much more.

Do you know all the wonders of the South American country ? I sure don't. This state is not only famous for the beautiful cities that populate its interior, but also for the paradisiacal islands and beaches that leave you breathless. Colombia is home to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world , an unmissable destination for diving enthusiasts who want to see for themselves the corals and the thousands of varieties of fish that live at the bottom of the sea.

On many of the islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that surround Colombia, it is very difficult to use a mobile phone. This is because they are places that, despite being highly visited by tourists, have remained practically intact . This is the beauty of places like the San Bernardo Archipelago or the beaches of the Tayrona National Park , where travelers will find relaxation and tranquility, and will be able to completely disconnect from the stress of daily life in their hometowns.

You should definitely visit one of the 46 natural national parks in Colombia: the Rosario Islands , one of the places where biodiversity is so varied and rare that it must be protected, especially from mass tourism. Thousands of visitors come to Colombia every year, from all over the world, to visit it. A beauty that will not leave you indifferent.

With 3000 km of coastline bordering the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia reserves beautiful beaches, each as heavenly as the next. White sand, coconut trees and vegetation, here are our ten most beautiful beaches to discover during your stay in Colombia.

Beaches in Colombia: Johnny Cay, San Andres

Located on the San Andres archipelago, Johnny Cay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. It offers a splendid strip of white sand and bluish water. Armed with a mask and a snorkel, you can see the aquatic fauna and flora just a few meters away: sea urchins, fish and coral berries. A beach that looks like a real postcard!

At the Acantilado de la Tierra, nestled on top of a hill in San Andrès, with infinity pool and views of the surrounding mountains.

What to do in Medellin: Travel Guide

Terquito Beach, Nuqui

Located southwest of Nuqui west of Medellín, Terquito beach offers more than 600 meters of sand. This beach in Terquito is famous for its Waterfall of Love, which is 50 meters inside the jungle and is connected to the Pacific beach by a natural path. One of the best beaches in Colombia.

At Choiba Ecolodge, s a lodge located in front of the Pacific Ocean, 1 hour by boat from Nuquí airport. The bungalows overlook the azure sea.

El Rodadero, Santa Marta

El Rodadero beach in Santa Marta, one of the oldest cities in Colombia, is a beach of very fine white sand with a calm and clean turquoise sea and whose temperature contrasts with the heat of the sun. El Rodadero beach is also ideal for practicing water sports such as windsurfing.

At the 5-star Don Pepe Hotel, which occupies a carefully restored colonial mansion. It offers luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and friendly, efficient service in a charming, heritage setting.

Bahia Concha, Santa Marta

Bahia Concha (the bay of shells) is a pretty seaside resort surrounded by many bungalows and restaurants. Its Caribbean sea offers a spectacle of magnificent colors: as the wavelets rise to the surface, the transparent, almost crystalline water gives way to turquoise water when it comes down. A magnificent landscape is also offered to you: the bay is surrounded by small green hills. One of Colombia's beaches not to be missed.

> Where to sleep? At the Catedral Plaza hotel, a 4-star hotel that will seduce you with its rooftop swimming pool offering a breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Santa Marta.

Bahia Neguanje, Santa Marta

Neguanje Bay is less crowded than Concha Bay, although it does have a camping area that accommodates a few vacationers. Its lush vegetation and warm sand make this beach a true paradise on earth!

At the Casa Carolina boutique hotel, a 4-star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool, a rooftop jacuzzi and a spa.

Cabo San Juan del Guia, Santa Marta

Cabo San Juan del Guía beach looks like the Seychelles. Located in the Tayrona Natural Park in Santa Marta, this beach is a real paradise for swimming and sunbathing. It seduces with its clear and lukewarm water: 28°C all year round!

At the Suite Boutique El Cactus hotel with its air of chic bohemian villas and its sizeable swimming pool.

Rosary, Cartagena

The Rosary archipelago located in Cartagena invites you to escape. The beach is lined with white sand and swimming is done in the crystal clear waters. Idleness, relaxation and exploration of the seabed are essential if you go to Rosaire beach. One of the best beaches in Colombia.

At Casa San Agustín, a luxurious establishment with authentic Colombian character.

Playa Blanca, Baru

The long pristine beach of Playa Blanca on Baru Island overlooks the translucent waters of the Caribbean Sea. It has the El Tesoro volcano as a backdrop. A small paradise landscape that will make you forget the daily routine!

At the Las Islas hotel with its thatched-roof houses on stilts, directly overlooking the sea. The ideal place to play Robinson Crusoe.

Santa Catalina, Providencia

The mountainous island of Providencia with only 1 km² of surface, shelters the magnificent beach of Santa Catalina. Romantic and solitary, it seduces in particular with its transparent and warm waters and its ultra-fine sand. If you like colorful villages, we invite you to discover Guatape.

At the Crab Cay Boutique Lodge, which will seduce you with its unparalleled intimacy and the kindness of the hosts.

Bahia Solano, Chocolate

When you go to Colombia, you absolutely have to visit my Bahia Solano beach located in Choco. It offers a magnificent landscape with breathtaking vegetation. If you dream of meeting whales and dolphins, observing tropical flora and fauna, exploring the seabed but also hiking in nature reserves, then don't hesitate any longer, this beach is made for you. you ! In May, you can spot flying fish. If you go there between the end of June and the end of October, you will also have the chance to see humpback whales!

At the Bahia Lodge, a hotel still in its original state, decorated in a colonial style.

San Bernardo Archipelago

Paradise has a name and it is called the San Bernardo Archipelago . This corner of beauty in the middle of the Caribbean Sea is a set of 10 coastal coral islands and an artificial island owned and governed by Colombia, located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo. These islands are: Boquerón, Cabruna, Ceycén, Mangle, Maravilla, Palma, Panda, Tintipán, Múcura and an artificial islet called Santa Cruz del Islote.

What to do in the San Bernardo Archipelago? Let's start with the most important thing: turn off your mobile phone . There is no signal on the islands anyway, so forget about using WhatsApp to chat with friends. Here all you have to do is enjoy its privileged position in the middle of the coral reef , sit on the white sand and swim in the magnificent crystal clear waters . What is one of the most beautiful experiences you can do? Snorkel in the open sea !

Each island has a different characteristic. Santa Cruz del Islote , for example, is a small island where cement and houses abound, so much so that it is  the most populated island in the world , so famous that it is even in the Guinness Book of Records. Its  1,200 inhabitants live on just 12,000 m2  in colorful houses built on the island. It is a very famous place, the object of studies and the protagonist of numerous documentaries. Its inhabitants, in fact, live practically isolated from the rest of Colombia and rarely leave Santa Cruz del Islote.

The waters surrounding the San Bernardo Archipelago are full of  fish and beautiful sea turtles , a real surprise when you swim in the waters of this paradisiacal place. Since 1996 the archipelago has been part of  the Rosario National Park  and is  one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Colombia .

Rosario Islands

Also known as Islas Corales del Rosario , they are an archipelago located off the coast of Colombia, about 100 kilometers from Cartagena. The islands that compose it have an incredible beauty . A coral reef and a virgin landscape that dominates its waters. The Rosario Islands are one of the 46 natural national parks in Colombia and was founded in 1988 to protect what is one of the most important coral reefs on the Colombian Caribbean coast.It is evident that the islands can be visited by travelers and tourists, and special tours have been designed for people to enjoy this aquarium and oceanarium in the open sea. There are also activities available for sports enthusiasts, such as snorkeling or fishing.

The Rosario Islands archipelago is made up of 23 islands, bays and islets that are relatively young since they were formed less than 5 thousand years ago. It is a magical place with white sands, crystalline waters and mostly virgin landscapes that seem to have come out of a dream . No photo or postcard can capture the beauty of this archipelago, covered in lush Caribbean vegetation and surrounded by transparent waters with color tones ranging from purple (due to the coral reef) to turquoise.