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Sleep at the foot of the mountains of Namibia: Etendeka Mountain Camp

At the foot of the Grootberg Mountains in Damaraland, Etendeka Mountain Camp is the perfect place to spend a stay off the beaten track in Namibia.

In a nature very little touched by the hands of man, the Etendeka Mountain Camp is essential. At the foot of the Grootberg massif, in the magnificent landscape of Damaraland in eastern Namibia, and surrounded by ancient lava flows, the Etendeka camp seems to blend into its surroundings. Here, the ancient basalt has slowly eroded over millennia, leaving scattered boulders on dramatic flat-topped mountains. Damaraland has an impressive history.

Main dwelling place of San hunter-gatherers, this region has many rock paintings, remarkably preserved over the centuries. The rustic and ecological camp of Etendeka Mountain was designed to be in total harmony with nature and the surrounding landscapes, thus allowing you to fully enjoy this impressive region, which has so much to offer.

Etendeka Mountain Camp: nature and ecology above all

Rustic, isolated, lost in nature. Here is how one could define the Etendeka Mountain Camp. But do not see here a kind of punishment. On the contrary, this camp offers the most curious travelers to get out of their comfort zone in order to spend a stay in Namibia off the beaten track, and discover the Damaraland region further upstream. This hotel defines itself as an “eco-camp”, i.e. a camp that respects nature.

Not content with offering a breathtaking view of the mountains of Namibia, the Etendeka Mountain Camp also focuses on ecology. What could be better than making wise use of the natural resources of the place that stretches out its arms to us?

The Etendeka Mountain Camp is indeed a charming lodge, close to nature and respectful of the ecosystems that surround it. Solar lights and natural wood were used to completely blend into the landscape and provide an alternative to electricity. In the tents, the beds and armchairs are adorned with 100% natural fabrics. Water, on the other hand, comes from the collection of rain.

Etendeka Mountain Camp: Tents with basic comfort

Etendeka Mountain Camp consists of ten adjoining tents. Nestled in the immensity of the granite mountains, they are connected by paths to the hotel's main tent, which serves as the lobby and reception. Tents are not ostentatious. Small, simple, comfortable, and nothing more. Everything you need to spend a night in total silence with only the surrounding nature for company. Each tent is equipped with a small terrace, as well as an outdoor shower.

Ideal to really get in condition. The main tent has a beautiful swimming pool and a lounge. It is here that breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, in a friendly atmosphere where guides and travelers meet. Simple, fresh and healthy meals are prepared, solar-powered or over open fires, and enjoyed under African skies.

If the Etendeka Mountain Camp is much less luxurious than many lodges in Africa, it can pride itself on being unusual and offering a unique experience, in a place isolated from the world. From the comfortable beds, you can gaze out at the mountains surrounding the camp, fall asleep to one of Namibia's most unique landscapes, and wake up to valleys and almost wasteland.

Etendeka Mountain Camp: Multiple Activities

Spending a night in Etendeka Mountain is a unique opportunity to take a trip to Namibia in a different way and discover the rich region of Damaraland and its surroundings. This rustic lodge indeed offers a plethora of activities. Located on a private concession of nearly 400 km², the Etendeka Mountain Camp allows you to walk freely between the mountains, the century-old trees and the steep valleys.

Perfect for blending into this unspoiled nature. This hotel in Namibia offers hikes along a marked trail that allows you to discover, in the company of a guide, the wealth of Damaraland, its rivers and its giant mountains. A perfect experience to reconnect with nature and take a trip off the beaten track.