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Hotel in Bali Panchoran Retreat

Ubud city located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, is right in the middle of vegetation, rice paddies and steep ravines. It remains the Balinese cultural and traditional home. Panchoran Retreat is a hotel in Bali, right in the heart of Ubud, like a hidden haven of peace, far from the influx of tourists. Visit.

Hotel in Bali: The secret of a hidden haven of peace

More and more curious people hungry for discovery and authenticity come to Ubud, a town located in the highlands of Bali in Indonesia. And yet despite the crowds, a haven of peace is hidden there. Her name ? Panchoran Retreat. It is not a common hotel complex like all those found in Bali, but a small charming address that you would like to keep for yourself. One of its specificities: to be known by only a few lucky ones. You have to have heard of it to have access to it. It is not found on any classic reservation site (the reservation is made directly by telephone or email).

In this hotel in Bali, you will be cut off from the world and immersed in a simple and yet extraordinary universe. A paradox whose motto is escape. A 10-hectare bubble of greenery devoted to serenity in harmony with nature, in a spirit of natural design. No mountains or cliffs to climb to reach this haven, it is only 10 minutes (by car) from the center of Ubud.

Hotel in Bali: A bamboo fortress

We would almost take ourselves for Tarzan or Jane in this jungle setting. Because the Panchoran Retreat is sheltered in a forest, a privatized jungle. It is a creation of the Irish designer, Linda Garland known locally as "the queen of bamboo" in Indonesia and Ireland. His penchant for this material led him to the construction of this massive and extensive domain. All the buildings of the estate are therefore made of bamboo, as well as the places of relaxation or the furniture. You will notice very quickly, there is not much that escapes this rod. You will enjoy spaces combining interior and exterior, for example by taking your shower in the middle of the jungle (without vis-à-vis), in an open-air bathroom. Absolute luxury.

Take possession of one of seven thatched-roof villas, each with its own space, on the bottom of a lush hill overlooking a small river and a grove containing 100 different varieties of bamboo. You can enjoy the pools fed by springs that are in the estate surrounded by sumptuous vegetation (ferns, bamboo, colorful heliconias, etc.) or directly in your villa. A beautiful bamboo bridge (created by Linda crosses the river. Perfect for s walk there at nightfall, ideal for being cut off from the world and making a success of your trip to Indonesia.

Each villa is imbued with a shabby chic spirit, this decor of the damaged, worn, revisited with a touch of sophistication and chic. A hodgepodge of objects and furniture with their own character. Four-poster bed topped with mosquito nets, huge ceramic vases overflowing with flowers, carved Javanese panels… Trendy Indonesian chic, the likes of which you rarely see in Bali and Ubud. This hotel in Bali wants to be a real place of change of scenery, but which nevertheless pays homage to Indonesian art, its culture, its traditions… Our favorite villa? The River House, located very close to the river, with three double bedrooms and a bathroom, a 15 meter swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. It is a magnificent place, all in harmony, ideal for those who love luxury, but also simple things, nature, calm. Also note that this peaceful retreat offers you access to Wifi, so as not to be too out of place….

Spa and yoga are also on the agenda at this hotel in Bali, for those who would like to push their “zenitude” a little further. This hotel in Bali offers you signature massages and a jacuzzi to discover more deeply the meaning of the word relaxation.

Panchoran Retreat

This resort is in Bali , in the middle of the jungle and near Ubud. Its architecture is inspired by nature and it is one of the most fantastic places from the design point of view because the exterior is almost indistinguishable from the interior and that is wonderful. It has also been built with sustainable materials and the complex is made up of six houses that are lost in a small bamboo forest.

The property is truly huge and belongs to the Irish landscape and interior designer Linda Garland . It was, in fact, her own house, until she modified it into a lodging. Inspired by bamboo, she decided that she would do as much as possible with it, so it is said that the buildings here have much more bamboo than a typical local house, since even the floors and crockery are made of bamboo. There are about 200 species of bamboo and the idea is to promote its use as an alternative wood in architecture and decoration.

The main house, Bale Gede , has an open-air dining room and a communal living room that opens onto the forest and is decorated with bamboo chandeliers, for example. Each of the villas , called Cascada, Coco, Bambú, Casa del Río , rests on a hill of exuberant vegetation that overlooks a small river. The views are greatly enjoyed because they have balconies. Some have one room, others have three bedrooms and some can accommodate up to 20 people.

The internal decoration follows the shaby chic style that is so popular these days: a mix of antique and modern objects that make the rooms cozy: Muslim-inspired white beds with canopies and mosquito nets, bathrooms that combine porcelain with chrome faucets from the '50s. , ceramic pots with local flowers that serve to scare away bugs and mosquitoes (as well as the flora planted on purpose around the villas, wood paneling from Java…

In modern terms, each villa has air conditioning and ceiling fans, a fully equipped kitchen, luxury beds and linens, and a Jacuzzi.

At night countless oil lamps made with coconut are lit and as you can see, the result is so wonderful that right now I start saving money to go…

Soneva Kiri

This luxury resort is in Thailand and retains the old air that the country used to have a few decades ago. It's an hour's flight from Bangkok, but private flight. It is located on a dream beach, in a rain forest. It is a complex of private villas with their own pool , electric buggies so that their guests do not have to walk far and luxury, luxury, luxury.

There are twelve villas in total, one more beautiful than another. Some have six bedrooms and face the sea, others have fewer bedrooms and face the ecological reserve, others have two or three bedrooms and even the smallest has only one bedroom although it measures no more and no less than 403 square meters. They all have open-air bathrooms, dream pools, access to the beach …

The services offered by the resort are also great. The spa is not lacking , obviously, but there is an open-air cinema under the stars called Cinema Paradiso that includes a gourmet dinner, there is also an Observatory , aquatic and underwater activities, the use of a beautiful private beach with white arnas and clear waters. crystal clear with sunbeds and umbrellas, palm trees and private service just 10 minutes from the resort by boat, the possibility to dine wherever you want in the open air or use the terrace, the beach, the restaurants or the great Treepod Dining: dinner on the Tree top!

Wadi Rum Desert Resort

This resort is in the design stage but I am including it because I think it is fantastic because of the place where it is planned to be built and because of its design. It looks like a hotel on the moon , doesn't it?

Wadi Rum is also known by the name of The Valley of the Moon and it is a valley that is about 60 kilometers east of Aqaba, in Jordan . With granite and limestone, it is the largest valley in the country and has been inhabited for thousands of years. Some well-known movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet, some Transformers and Prometheus have been filmed here. Its landscapes are fantastic so you can see how great this hotel can be here.

The challenge is great, combining the desert and its sand with the rock to shape a new creation between man and nature. The idea of ​​the architects is to generate a symphony between what the valley offers and human needs, to follow nature whenever possible, generating the least possible impact . The construction will be on the cliffs because the idea is to appreciate the views of the desert.

The complex will have rooms and residences, a spa, a complex of luxury tents, tents that allow you to appreciate the surroundings, natural ventilation and everything that can help create a comfortable microclimate for guests. The Oppenheim studio is in charge and, having seen and considered the images, it seems to me that it will be a fantastic hotel, a sample of what accommodation on Mars can be like, for example. Can you imagine?